Stephanie Rose
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Artist's Statement

All of my paintings can be said to function in two main modes, which, although concurrent, can be read independantly. One concerns the relative meaning of images; and the other a theatre of events, which is intended to provide the audience an induction to reverie; contemplation for a considered life. This latter function also defines my ethical purpose as an artist.

Rather than expounding theory, the paintings raise questions that come from a perspective in transition - as though on a flying saucer, where one sees the familiar become transformed - at once curious, funny and scary. This began as a sort of fin-de-siƩcle anxiety attack that is as much involved with the relationship between comedy and horror as it is elegiac. In the Twenty-First Century my work continues to be driven by a sense of urgency about the loss of historical perspective - which I think means the loss of true perspective, of seeing things in ratio.

The imagery in my paintings contains abstruse references to diverse visual forms. The architectural, painterly, sculptural, theatrical and filmic references are not literal, but metaphorical. The disjunctive relationships between the visual elements echo and evoke sensation; and in provoking a visceral response, also raise questions about the meaning of images.

My break with historically understood formal conventions leads to unanticipated ways of looking at imagery, and of making and communicating meaning. The technical variations in my treatment of surface reflect these inclinations. This combination of incidents is ultimately intended to create a theatrical set of circumstances . These events and the drama which arises from their juxtaposition are neither didactic, nor narrative: the angle of approach is poetic.

Stephanie Rose, December 2005